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A Cartoon by Rich (click it to enlarge)

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In an effort to do nothing more than fear-monger, the gang at Fox and Friends were in a snit this morning regarding Obama’s choice in music, namely the fact that he said he listens to Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

Is this a good idea, Gretchen wondered aloud, ‘to align yourself with these stars’ with their misogyny and their ‘vulgarities?’ Doesn’t it mean that Obama endorses all of what these performing artists say and do?

There’s a time and place for a discussion on hip-hop’s effect on culture, and this isn’t it. This is about Fox throwing everything they can up against the wall and hoping some of it sticks as the days to the mid-terms count down to zero.

And as the sounds of Johnny Cash (a favorite of mine) took the gang out to commercial, I wondered if Gretchen and the rest endorsed everything Cash said or did in his life, or any of the other hard-drinking, hard-living country stars bring on so often.

A Cartoon by Rich

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